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Engage your customers like never before.

From Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations, Final Cut Productions prides itself in working with companies large and small to produce compelling corporate video productions. We have produced sales, marketing, training, and unique corporate profile videos for use at conferences, annual meetings, galas, and on the web. We strive to create a dynamic corporate video production with your company image and budget in mind.


Need a commercial or video promo produced to get your company’s message out?

Tell your organization or brand’s story through a format that creates a significant connection with your audience.  Our multi-award-winning production team works to craft a video that tells your organization’s story the way you want it portrayed. Whether you are looking for a production team to develop corporate videos, educational tools, or social media content, our team can handle any visual message you have in mind.

Videos don’t only bring increased engagement and interest to your website compared to traditional content, it’s also easier to understand. In addition, social media platforms favor videos with high percent completion rates over short-form content. We create engaging content that captures the audience’s attention from beginning to end – all while you rank better socially.

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From full 30-minute infomercial productions to shorter Direct Response TV productions, Final Cut Production creates powerful infomercial productions for its clients.


Some of our most gratifying work has been producing marketing videos for charitable organizations. Our videos become your most passionate messengers, working 24/7 to convert viewers into donors. Final Cut Productions’ team loves producing videos that make a difference. 


Live event video productions recorded and/or streamed to any platform.

If you’re planning an event or meeting and need videography services, contact Final Cut Productions today! Our cameras have shot everything from corporate events, galas, fundraisers, and live stage performances to events for network television. Our live event videography services include but are not limited to, shooting on quality cameras, live switching with multiple cameras, adding motion graphics, and photomontage, and all done live. All the while recording & streaming it to any platform you want. It can be Zoom, social media, live network servers, YouTube, private webpage on your site and we can do them all at the same time up to 24 different locations & websites. 

Live Streamed Sport Events

Much of what we do revolves around professionally filming the entire Game and or tournament.  Each broadcast is filled with replays, graphics, game day intro, and more. We at Final Cut Productions have been producing sports for tv for almost 2 decades. We innovated high school sports production & broadcasts for the Savannah GA market for 2 different Networks NBC & the CW.  We can add up to 6 cameras, live up-to-date scores during the game, and design an introduction and graphics custom to your games.

Documentaries tell THE story.

Final Cut Productions is a full-service documentary production company founded by Multi Telly Award-winning filmmaker Michael Heiser.  At Final Cut, we have a passion for telling highly authentic, emotionally gripping stories and a mission of producing innovative, socially charged documentary films.

Documentaries are an impactful way to tell the story of how your organization is impacting the world and its communities. Final Cut are expert in storytelling. We meet with you to listen to your vision for your Documentary as well as to understand the true message that needs to be told.  Contact Final Cut Productions to schedule your creative appointment.  


Most training videos are used to support conventional face-to-face training sessions or deliver remote training via the web or an in-house portal. The Internet’s ability to deliver high-quality corporate training videos has dramatically changed the logistics of rolling out corporate training campaigns. 

The result…a video that can easily be seen by hundreds of employees anywhere in the world, on-demand. Utilizing current web technologies, you can create a branded interface that users can log into to watch the video.